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Saturday, August 18, 2007


FINALLY, with the wonderful guidance and great patience of a very good friend - Kevin Lim, the tech master, I have managed to get my "official" blog up and running at www.priscillatan.com

I am still slowly adding widgets and testing stuffs on the site and it has been great fun. I just have to find time to update!

Since I've kept this Livejournal blog for a while now and I didn't really export many entries out to the new site, I shall leave this here and check in on my lovely friends on LJ.

By the way, I've also gotten my new macbook. Gorgeous white thing!! Am loving it loads!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

10:27PM - Social Networking Book Sites

While I am in process of setting up my new blog, I tried out different social networking book sites that allow users to catalog their books, share reviews and share book lists.

Out of the few sites I tried, I am giving my votes to Shelfari and Library Thing.

Shelfari is voted by Mashable as one of the top 10 most beautiful social networking sites and it truly is great looking and easy to use.

LibraryThing 's free account allows up to 200 books with a premium service if you want to add more and it has a great tagging feature. Shelfari, on the other hand seems to allow you to add as many books as you like (a great plus for me who have more than 200 books for sure).

I've read several comparisons and reviews of both and many seems to like Shelfari more, for its aesthetically pleasing look and more interesting "groups" while serious book lovers seem to prefer Library Thing.

For me, I like both for different features. I really like one of LibraryThing's features that allow me to see how many books I have in common with another user/ friend. For Shelfari, I like the colorful pages and the easy one-click function whenever I add on new books.

My final vote between the two goes to Library Thing but I might change my mind as I go along.

Meantime, here're my ever growing lists in both.

1) My Shelfari Book List
2) My LibraryThing Book List

Thursday, August 9, 2007

7:14PM - The Affair with Bloggers

While many PR agencies in countries like the US have been including bloggers outreach in their Marketing and Communications plans. (The Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations Programme is a good example). I've noticed that not many agencies in Singapore are doing that. There are some who do and do it really well but there are many others who do not seem to realise the shift in media.

Brian Solis wrote that PR 2.0 is defined by the evolution of industry practices forced by the shift, and the process, of influence ...

One interesting thing I noticed from my recent discussions with several local bloggers about a particular client is that there is a significant difference between talking to a journalist and a blogger. Typically, PR consultants send pitch notes and explore story angles with a particular media, the media either agree to include a write-up (or not) in his/ her column, they seldom invest time to DISCUSS topics and issues with you.

With bloggers, you are often talking to a thought/opinion leader who is often quite open to ideas and willing to provide feedback and discuss industry issues, especially when you are able to single out one who blogs about topics relevant to what your client or company does. 

Bloggers, like traditional media are also often looking for interesting content for their blogs. I believe bloggers should start talking to more PR folks, we are the people with alot of content as we usually have many different clients and PR professionals should get out and start listening, talking and engaging this group of influencers.

I am not saying here that PR professionals should forget about traditional media and get all excited about the new. I am saying, the ability to combine our skills and expertise with the help of new tools to reach out to more and targeted audience should be one of the key aim of a good PR professional in this PR/ Web 2.0 age.




Sunday, August 5, 2007


There are a couple of good (some new and some not so new) books that a few friends like Kevin , Bjorn and Bernard  recommended on new/ social media, cultural and economic shifts etc.

Kinokuniya was having 20% storewide sale for members right now and I went to get:-
- Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble & Shel Israel
- The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen
- The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki
- Wikinomics- How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams

Now, all I need to do is READ and digest...

A few friends have agreed that since we are all reading the same few books, we should buy different ones and exchange with one another. Do feel free to drop me a note if you want to do any exchange.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

12:12AM - All the Web 2 Talk

On 1 and 2 August, I attended the PR 2.0  conference cum workshops organised by the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS)

Many people, including colleagues and blogger friends asked me what i thought about the conference, so here're some general thoughts...

Great Speakers
There were a couple of really great speakers including Mitch Joel , Christopher Graves and Dr Jim Macnamara. 
Mitch was so inspiring, I came back and raved about him to every and anyone I have been speaking with today. Dr Jim's workshop about measuring success on new media was rather insightful. I have already shared some of his notes with a couple of friends who are either researching or trying to figure out the topic. 

General Content
There were many speakers and some panel discussions but generally, except for a few outstanding and inspiring ones, I must say some others were rather disappointing. Perhaps the aim was to start introducing the Web 2.0 to the PR folks, thus the content was what i called "general". To be fair, each speaker was given rather short time to present their topics. I had wished there were more indepth discussion and sharing of more details about various topics that we don't already know.

Being a PR event, the organiser had expected the need for a social networking evening on the first night. Though the group was rather small, it was great opportunity to meet some fellow industry folks and a couple of interesting bloggers. Met Walter Lim who shared an interesting case study on the National Heritage Board and of course, my dear old friend, Melvin Yuan who was the moderator of one of the panel discussions. 

After thoughts ...
I am currently very blessed to be surrounded by some highly savvy tech experts and bloggers who are extremely forward looking in the whole Web 2.0 space. This afternoon, I had lunch with one of the young and very intelligent bloggers, Bjorn Lee who shared alot of insightful information about the new / social media and how it'll affect various

I realised that the cheaper alternative to attending expensive conferences to learn about the new media is to the simply start reading! Read the blogs, trend-spotting sites, monitor them, start discussing, start communicating with relevant bloggers/ experts, start listening and start trying out some of the new tools!

But I am not putting down what IPRS is doing. I think it's a great effort.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

12:48PM - Digital Media - Second Life

tim_gogoblog , the anchor of That's IT posted snippets of the latest episode on DIgital Media. I watched last night, simply because there was an interesting section on Second Life and ok, my two very dear friends (Tim and Kevin) were on the same episode. How bizarre. 

Back to Second Life, I recently read spreads of coverage in NewsWeek magazine (issue 30 July 2007) about it. 

Tim wrote that it was mind boggling, wondering why would a person want to create another character in an on-line world. It's like the good old Sim City that I used to be addicted to. I agree with Kevin when he said in the programme that face to face interaction can never be replaced by the online communication. But I can also see myself creating an "alter-me" - as a flashy, pink-haired (yes, short and spiky) fashion designer! Why? Because it's interesting to see how a different me will live her life. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Once again, I have to re-arrange my book shelves! I have alot alot of new books now, unread. The simpliest way now to organise is to put according to "READ" and 'UNREAD"

 <-- Definitely UNREAD pile of books !!  :(

I downloaded a few more pics of my book shelves but the pics refused to load. So, shall attempt again later. 

Oh, in that pile of new and unread books, i also just added Harry Potter (the latest). 

Brennan, was giving me some titles to look out for - BAD! I need to stop buying and start to read, FASTER!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

10:50PM - Velvet Puffin @ MashUp

I meant to write about a social networking client of mine in more details but for now, read John P. Mello (former managing editor of the Boston Business Journal)'s comments about the cool site. The young 26 years old CEO, R. Chandrasekar is current speaking at the Mashup 2007 

I shall put up more information very soon!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

9:07PM - Saturday with Kevin and Sunday with Yen

This weekend is really interesting and enjoyable. This entry is to remind me that I have wonderful people around me! 

Saturday with Kevin 

I have been raving about my new friend and that's simply because he's highly entertaining, very intelligent and somehow we "clicked!". I have been rather anti-social after office hours for a few years now. I  have always rejected invites to parties, events and gatherings, so much so that people stopped asking and I am left alone. 

Anyway, I met Kevin outside Kinokuniya, Takashimaya in the afternoon and we started the day out with lots of walking (again, another unusual thing for me) in high heels, and then alot of food (now, that's common). 

There were many highlights throughout the evening. We talked about almost everything under the sun - from life, work, PR and tech industry, teaching, friends, school, books, boys and girls etc etc. I am trying to record as many things as I can remember about our conversations as Kevin is going back to US to complete his PHD. Booohooooo!! There goes another precious friend. 

What i have to remember about Kevin (beside his very nice eyes, and very smart brain) is his pretty black bagpack that is filled with unbelievable gadgets! Here's a pic to prove. I am sure they all have names but at this point, I am still in my bewildered state and not sure what each of these gadgets does. 

(yap, enough gadgets to fill up the table)

What was supposed to be a drink session ended in a half a day outing with the two of us talking non-stop till midnight. It was definitely very interesting.

The night ended with a very serious discussion about managing people. I've had advices from different people but what Kevin told me is worth thinking about. I was told, my problem lies in that i am too nice to everyone, trying to listen, help and do everything for everyone. I try to do too much and must learn to let go and believe the world will continue to spin even without me. 

You know that someone is a good friend to keep when (1) you have alot to talk about (2) you are happy after meeting the friend and (3) there are positive vibes and encouraging words throughout conversation. 

Sunday with Yen

Yen doesn't have a blog, so, no hyperlinks. I told Kevin about Yen and then I told Yen about Kevin. I wished we have enough time to all go out together. 

Today's supposed to be our SHOPPING DAY but she just came back from Bali and I slept really late last night, woke up very early this morning for church. We were both struggling to stop yawning. 

We walked in and out of many shops, from Zara to Mango, Isetan to Takashimaya - Yen ended up with a new big bag and many many other bags of new clothes.

I bought a little black bag and an orange top from Zara. Searched high and low for the right pair of black shoes but nothing pops up. 

Lunch at Sun & Moon Japanese restaurant was really lovely!

By 6pm, we were both exhausted, sat at Coffee Club outside Kinokuniya (yes, notice the places I meet my friends, i am boringly consistent that way) and I had an amazing serving of apple crumble with ice-cream. I was too eager to eat and therefore, no pics. 

But here's one of Yen and her new bag! That pretty bag costs only $15. Jon would be pleased that we are not walking into the Gucci and Prada. 

Thursday, July 12, 2007

10:51PM - Why I am in PR

A friend recently asked me why I am in PR. I went into this wonderful theory, explanations and reasons why I am the perfect PR person. Many people, including friends, bosses, colleagues, boyfriend said so. The only exception is mummy. She doesn't understand what I do now. She attempted to ask, I tried explaining and we both gave up. 

I told my friend, I am in PR because it's a job that allows me to do and learn alot of new things on a daily basis. It's also a job that allows me to meet and talk to different interesting people. 

Then I stopped. 

I thought for a while.. 

Is that still true and accurate? 

I definitely get to do many things (not necessary new) everyday. I definitely get to meet and talk to different people (not all necessary interesting). 

I came home and pondered for a while...

It is an interesting industry. It can be colourful. It can be exciting. BUT it is a job that doesn't allow complacency and a job that requires constant learning and upgrading - something that I don't see much nowadays. I am worried. I keep reminding myself not to get into a complacent stage where working is just a job to earn money, churning out similar kind of work all the time and compromise on creativity to find the best solution to a given problem.  

Yesterday, I was telling a friend over lunch that I first went into PR by "accident." I was so inspired by my Public Relations lecturer in University, I decided, this is the industry perfect for me! I guess a semester was not enough time for her to tell me about the other ugly side of things. 

Well, no regrets. Some complaints, but at the end of the day, I honestly do like the nature of the industry. I just need to find a niche, the right fit, the right accounts. It is really BS when people say "if you are a good consultant, you can DO EVERY ACCOUNT." There are people who just can't understand balance sheets, can't tell the difference between numbers - don't take on a financial account! There are those whose knowledge of technology is limited to using a laptop and a mobile phone and don't know what a blog is - for goodness sake, try not to take on a tech account. 

I know many consultants will disagree with what I think, but at this point, this is exactly what i am thinking!  There are some types of accounts that require alot more specific knowledge than others and some people are just not cut out to manage those. 

Now, I have geared away from my original train of thoughts. 

Why am I in PR? 

It allows me to talk about whisky one day, jewellery the next and a TV programme on another. It allows me to meet the CEO of a multi-million dollar organisation on one day, an interesting blogger the next and celebrities on another. It is a colourful world in this industry - at the end of the day, it is the opportunity to continue living colourfully that matters to me. 

Saturday, June 30, 2007

5:57PM - Chair for the book addict

I was surfing around and came across this great site that has this picture of a "bookshelf chair". I am so fascinated and wished I have one!

Take a look, it's amazing! Perfect for people like me who's a book addict - a comfy chair, surrounded by books

Thursday, June 28, 2007

12:11AM - Bimbo and The Geek

Over the holiday, Jon and I watched this late night programme called Beauty and The Geek whereby some beauties were paired up with the geeks. They were to encourage and help transform the other party ie: Geek to be more beauty conscious, more fashion savvy and in return, the geeks to help the "bimbos" on practical things like how to change a light bulb, set up an email address etc.

Silly as the show may be, it was amusing to watch. Jon decided that I am the geek and he, the bimbo. I am often the one who reads the techy manuals, books, sites and help him set up the blog etc. He's the vain one, trying to tan himself and mess with the hair and clothes. haha. I argued that I am the beauty too but he said I am still more geeky.

It's true though. Not only do I like gadgets more than diamonds (I DO LOVE diamonds), I read all the techie sites/ news, play with new widgets and has 3 blogs as of now! haha.

The Geek has decided to go back to school!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

11:54PM - Few days at the beach

Some pixs to on our last few days at our usual favourite resort. This trip, we found lots of animals! There were squirrels, some huge lizards, some big weird looking bird and even praying mantis!

It was a peaceful trip, except that we were both sick. I was coughing my lungs out and Jon caught my virus and was sniffing half the time. We missed out on some of the sunshine but still, it's good time together, watching sunset and having some real nice BBQ by the beach on Saturday night.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

11:31PM - New blog and holiday

My entries to LJ might start to slow down a little. Work is getting a little too mad and I've just set up a new blog  at http://pris-etc.blogspot.com/ 

But I've been keeping this blog for the last couple of years and I think I will continue to maintain this, for the benefit of my colleagues and friends who are lurking at the background, not commenting but I know you guys visited the site. 

Jon and I are going to our usual Bintan trip again next Friday, for five days. Everyone asked me, what are you guys going to do there? There is nothing much there. That's the exact reason why we love going there. It's peaceful. It's just easy and no rush, nothing much to distract us. We can spend all our time to rest, catch up on sleep, enjoy the sea, the sun, the sand and read books!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

9:37PM - iTunes addict

Yes, i am officially an iTunes addict now. I have been spending my iTunes credit, downloading everything from music to TV shows!!!!!! I

'm now addicted to downloading episodes of Supernatural, season 2 and while I am typing this, iTunes is downloading first episode of Night Stalker in season 1. 

Over the weekend, the anti-social me went to HMV all by myself and bought home the first season of ANGEL dvd box set costing me a whooping $84. But it's region 1 so, worth the money and seeing Spike, Buffy, Cordelia, Oz and of course, ANGEL all back in the show - WONDERFUL!! 

Jon was saying he can't believe how much I like Buffy. I have seen the various seasons many many times, especially Season 6 with bad Willow. We tried playing Buffy trivia online and we score really high marks. heh. Yes, addict! 

Alright, Night Stalker is starting!! Lights out. 

Let the show starts!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

12:04AM - Publicity Stunts

Came across one of Steve Rubel's great article, The Flat Future of the Publicity Stunt on his Micro Persuasion blog 

I often wonder if publicity stunt is still a viable tactic in PR too as  olivier Blanchard commented. I am surrounded by PR proposals that included all sorts of STUNTS and I cringed everytime at the thought of going through the process of executing them and not getting the results.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

11:04PM - Blogout @ Digital Movement

Wei, Winston and I went for the BlogOut event by The Digital Movement folks. It was quite an interesting event with quite a good turnout. Bloggers from STOMP, Tomorrow.sg etc were all there. I joined in one of the discussion groups on Corporate Blogging and there were interesting views by several people in the group. Met some friends, met our client from Velvet Puffin (who's invited to give a short intro about the service) and met some media folks too. 

I just have to say this - I totally disagree that any company should set up a "corporate blog" and have "ghost writers" behind it just to keep it going. I agree with one of the guys staff needs to have the similar passion and belief in what he/she is contributing to the blog, otherwise, it's just another "part of the job tasks" that he/she is going to do. 

I also think alot of PR agencies are not understanding new media and blogging, we are often asked to STRATEGISE for a corporate blog, develop KEY MESSAGES and should the blog receives some feedback that is in anyway perceived as "negative" or "not constructive" by clients, we get into a "crisis mode". 

I read this interesting article on Corporate Blogging - Corporate Blogs: Weapons of Crass Discussion?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

11:43PM - Pervert in Bugis' toilet

Wei and I had a not so nice day, dealing with a not so nice client at a not so nice event.

We decided to treat ourselves to something nice and we went to Bugis for dinner. At the ladies' toilet near TCC at Bugis, a pervert hid inside one of the cubicles. Thank God that Wei spotted a head popping up from the top and we waited outside to see if it's a man.

After waiting for a couple minutes, the person in that cubicle didnt come out. I went into the first cubicle (3 altogether) and wei pretended to go into the next one and the person rushed out and Wei saw A MAN!!!!

It made me cringed even as i typed this now. It's so dangerous!! I was quite in shock and couldnt think straight. We should have screamed and ran after him but I guessed we were stunned. He dashed out and Wei screamed loudly at him but he was gone.

As I am typing this, Wei is writing a note to the Bugis Management. So, ladies out there, watch out for the toilet there.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

9:51PM - quiet Sunday

Watched Thelma and Louise and read Freedom Writer which turns out to be a really good book. Now I have to go buy the DVD when it's out.

1:56AM - Saturday alone

I decided last night that I shall just be alone today. Usually, I'll try to find a friend to hang out with when Jon's on night shift but today, I really want to be alone. Almost feel like saying - I really don't like humans for now.

And I am glad I made that decision to be alone for the evening.

I was really determined to enjoy myself and not to (1) think about work (2) think about the irritating things people did/ say to me the last one week (3) just F*** care about the burden of the world and BE ALONE, doing the things I want to do.

Evening to myself
Jon and I spent the day time SLEEPING, watching Grey Anatomy and doing NOTHING. We left house at about 6pm - he to work and me to gym at Suntec. Met Izz at the gym and stayed for about an hour, it was good workout and I felt good.

Rushed down to Kinokuniya (20% storewide discount for members!!), how can i resist that? Bought 3 books, one that Jon wanted and the other two just random picks for myself.

Then I slowly strolled to Cineleisure, bought myself dinner and a movie - NEXT (the one with Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biel). Before the show (11.35pm), I sat at the Coke lounge all by myself, reading my book and having a big Coke.

It may seems like me doing nothing much the whole time but the fact is, I am alone! I used to be alone alot and that's good. I forgot how nice it is to be alone sometimes. I am very happy today. I have new books, I watched a rather decent movie and I burned some fats and calories.

The past week...
The past week had been a pain. Although I thank God that I went through it with strength but it was ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING. I wonder how some times humans can be so painful to be around with and that constant strength and patience have to be drawn from God to manage humans. I am quite sure I can be one of those painful humans at times and I asked God today, why on earth do you love us so much when we are selfish and really mean most of the times?

It reminded me more now that Jesus' death at the cross was indeed out of GREAT LOVE for us, something that nobody else can do. It's so hard to continue loving people when they are very very annoying, let alone die for them...

I read Joyce's book about approval addiction. Sometimes, I think I suffer from that. I try my best to make sure everyone around me is taken care of, is happy and approves of what I say/ do etc etc etc but I realised, it's so wrong. You really can't please everyone. People will never be contented. You give them one thing, they want twenty more and if you give them 19, it's not good enough. It's never good enough. So, I shall learn to seek only God's approval and with that, I know blessings will come.

I learn to appreciate my boss too. I learn to pray for her too and I am glad about it. All I really want is to do my work extremely well (with God's wisdom and strength) and be blessed with good co-workers and to be a blessing to people around me and go home and READ MY BOOKS.

Anyway, Jon has been praying for me and we will continue to pray everyday that (1) i have lots of wisdom to handle people and situations (2) I have strength (3) I learn not to complain or be a bad influence to people around me (4) manage my time wisely.

I am very sure with God, I will be victorious regardless of situations. I just have to now learn not to let annoying things bother me and remember Psalms 91:7

"A thousand may fall dead beside you, ten thousand all around you, but you will not be harmed.

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